women in the woods

women in the woods

Thirteen women gather
beneath the shelter of the trees
to share
and community.

Women in the Woods is an attempt to answer our common need for meaningful time spent outdoors on a regular basis, that soul-longing for deep nature connection. Returning fortnightly to the same woodland location will allow us to witness the changes across the seasons: the turning of the leaves, the changing light, the delightful glimpse of busy wildlife. While in this beautiful natural environment we will engage in fun and grounding activities that will aid our nature connection and awaken our senses.

We aim to create a safe place for women to come and simply be. All activities are offered on an opt in/opt out basis. There is no demand or expectation to be anything other than just how we feel on the day.

We look forward to exploring our creativity together through crafts and nature art. There is a certain meditative calm that comes when we are fully engaged in making and doing.

These fortnightly sessions will be led and held by Veronica and Gráinne, two experienced women of the woods, and each will follow a similar format:

    • Opening circle
    • Warm up
    • Some fun and nature connection
    • Group task
    • Craft
    • Sensory awakening
    • Sit spot
    • Journalling
    • Some more fun and nature connection!
    • Closing circle
    • Song
    • Vegetarian organic lunch provided ~ soup on the fire, herbal tea & baked treat