The magic of springtime is unfolding before our eyes. In response to the lengthening of the days our wildlife is blossoming, wakening, feeding, building, nesting, singing, buzzing and humming. Our native species of plants and animals have evolved together over millennia and have become dependent on one another.

The dandelion flowers are appearing just as the female solitary bees, moths and butterflies are waking from hibernation in need of food to give them energy to build nests and begin laying eggs. What beautiful beacons of golden generosity the dandelions are, brimming with nectar and bursting with vibrant, cheerful colour.

It is very heartening to see that local authorities have stopped the practice of early mowing of verges, thus allowing this essential food to be readily available to our pollinators and insects. Dandelions have been open to full sun for a month by now, how generous of them, especially as they don’t need the pollinators for their reproduction.

To learn more about Dandelions, check out Anja Murray’s podcast on Naturefile at https://www.rte.ie/radio/utils/share/lyric/21752006. This is only one of her weekly bite-sized podcasts, short and brimming with information on Irish wildlife.